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G1 is a fermented food that provides diversity to your feeding program and allows your horse to get the most out of their diet. Feed alongside your current regime to support and maintain your horse's gut health and immunity

Support Your Horse’s Health And Performance In Three Easy Steps

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G1 is a live and active food that works the moment it’s ingested. It can be used daily to support gut health, or as an added benefit during high stress times.

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G1 can be fed alongside your current feeding regime. You may enjoy a simpler diet for your horse once you implement G1 over a period of time.

Watch Your Horse Transform

Digestive health is critical to a healthy immune system which leads to a shiny coat, better performance, and fewer health issues.

From Our Clients:

This is an amazing product that I’ve had my barrel horses all on for over 6 months now. Blazin Summer Shandy had all kinds of issues: couldn’t keep weight on, ulcers, tying up, stressed out, you name it Shandy had it.The EPIC G1 made a huge difference in Shandy quickly, she shines like a penny now. I loved the results with Shandy so much, I started my other barrel horses on it & they all look and feel amazing!

Kalena W

Band-aid fixes, complicated feeding regimes, and too many trips to the vet shouldn’t be part of your daily life.

We know firsthand how frustrating it is to watch your horse’s health suffer, even after you’ve invested countless dollars, hours, and energy into finding the right support.

EPIC was created when a horse-owner, at her wit’s end, turned to a renowned food scientist for help. Together, they created a simple, natural solution by pairing science and fermentation to activate the horse’s immune system at the source – the gut.

 Your horse has an inherent ability to heal itself by restoring its digestive health.

EPIC was created for the horse owner who wants a quick, effective, and natural way to help their horse thrive.

G1 Supports Good Gut Health

Fermented food like G1 immediately starts working with the horse’s body to empower its immune system.

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